Do you know proteins?

all about proteins

Does the protein is essential for muscle gain ?

You know for proteins that serve ?
Protein is a nutrient involved in the formation of hormones , improve your defenses , are involved in muscle contraction and serve as a source of energy ( although the bodies prefer carbohydrates or fats).

How much else do better ?

It is true that there are a limited number of carbohydrates and an almost unlimited store fat in the body , but the protein is not stored , or consumed or discarded .

How much recommend taking protein ?

What is recommended for the average person are 0.8 – 1g per kg of body weight, but for athletes higher recommended consumption between 1.5 – 2 g per kg .

Do we take enough?

The answer is yes . People who play sports normally follow high protein diets in some cases at 3 – 4gr by weight. Much more protein is not advisable as it will force our body to work harder and discard what is not needed .

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