Bar Brothers Get Fit Easly!

The bar brothers are a training group started by the brothers Dusan Lazar Novovic Djolevic and that created a different kind and innovative training routine based on the program.

Kings of Calisthenics – The Bar Brothers

The characteristics of training of the bar brothers are efficient , fun and free to keep our body fit.

The goal is to get a toned, strong and defined body. If you want to have a good time outdoors and take advantage of the street furniture. Train in a park can be a great option for strengthening your muscles. Besides all the exercises discussed on this page can aerobic series, continuous. Per example you can run for 15-30 minutes before training on the bar. It would also be a good option up and down hills to give your legs an extra effort. This is not the official website of Bar Brothers.

best bar workout training

From the initial two brothers the brothers bar movement project  began to follow his training in different countries like New Zealand , Slovenia, florida, peru etc …

Since the beginning of bodybuilding or fitness, people seek symmetry. Men and Women to tone your body fully proportionate way , which is why this branch of sport does not fit neatly into bodybuilding . Where the bodies are much larger but asymmetric .

The bar brothers have achieved all this and simply using fixed bars and utensils parks that anyone can access them without having to spend money. No pain, no gain, is something that they say into account because as we see in many of his videos, the suffering and pain accompanying every day.

First training and results video

I recommend you see the original video of bar brothers training here:

If you like barbrothers hoodie or clothes you can check this article. Most liked are the shirt an article that you can buy in many shops. You can check in our articles the routine, diet and wiki.

Second training and motivation video

See this complete, please ok?

Bar Workouts of bar brothers

Can i get a body as bar brothers movement ?

Of course, yes. If they  and other thousands of people got it so you can!. Below you have a lot of routines to start and get a best and strong body. You can follow the bar brothers nutrition in other post that we will make soon in barbrothers.




To continue to learn a little more routine entrainment of bar brothers I invite you to read these article. With them you can have closer and achieve a dash of motivation, something that you may need today.

All this routines are avaiable in website try it.

How long do I need to tone my body?

Most results are achieved at 4-6 months, as long as we persevere in our work. We will need to work hard to get the results we want, only in this way our bodies move towards a stronger body and defined. Here is same examples of people that uses the bar brothers workout rutine:

In ten months you can get this with workout motivation:

What are the best exercises of body weight training?

1) The pushups as usual we indicate in exercises at garden, home or other places, it is one of the best exercises to work hardthe upper body and a part of calisthenics workout.


2) ¿How to Do Chair Dip Triceps Exercises? These are a type of bar brothers trainning. When you’re in position, we hold your arms slowly down the buttocks until your elbows are as close in an angle of 90 degrees. How to Do Chair Dip Triceps Exercises

We push powering the triceps to return to the first position and that your arms are straight but without forcing the elbows and avoid losing tension and hurt us.

3) In a pull bar is one of the best exercises for building body strength. This is the best that recomended bar brothers calisthenics workout.


History of Street Workout

Briefly the Street Workout exercise is using the environment, playing sports in the street, using lampposts or bars of parks to make pull bar exercises. In any big city we see people exercising outdoors, this is the Street Workout. The Bartendaz group gave a twist to the currency promoting this type of exercise as one of the healthiest sports and the Bar Brothers make this real, with a good change of your body in less than 1 year.

  1. The Bar Brothers training, is it a good kind of muscle training

    Yes of course, it is as good as other metods. This is a very good king of training, and you don not need spend money in gym.

  2. Are all explains and metod real of Bar Brothers training?

    Another time Yes! You can check around the world there are a lot of people using the bar brothers metod. Sisters and Brothers, is our time, the time of bar!

  3. Can I training alone with the king of him?

    Yes, but i always say that for muscle training the best is that a friend / patner help you. If you check, Bar Brothers are two!

  4. The Bar Brothers routine

    In the next days we will post a good routine of the best metod of training. I will tell you about bar brothers training program.

Do I have to lift heavy to gain mass?

Many people believe that in order to gain muscle mass bar brothers need to lift heavy.

But what does heavy even mean? Is it an amount of weight that hits our strength limit of 1 to 2 reps, or is it a weight that we can lift 6 to 12 times?

Depending on who you ask you might get a different answer but for the purpose of this article, let’s keep things simple and get straight to the point – Whatever fatigues your muscles.

Depending on the weight you chose and the type of physique you want to develop, lifting super heavy and lifting heavy enough to perform 6 to 12 reps will both make you grow. There, I’ve said it, answered the damn question.

The idea behind gaining muscle mass is being able to activate all your muscle fibers and fatigue them. Lifting for many reps will hit your slow twitch muscle fibers, causing an increase in muscular endurance, but very little change in the size of the muscle or its limit strength. Lifting heavy enough that you can only perform 2 to 6 reps will increase your limit strength and power. Recruitment of high twitch fibers is increased, but not your serum testosterone levels, which are needed for muscle hypertrophy. Your serum testosterone levels rise when you perform a higher rep range.

The sweet spot is working the muscle, over several sets of moderate reps, until close to fatigue (Note: not until fatigue). It has been shown in multiple studies that stopping one or two reps before total muscle fatigue is actually better overall, then going to complete fatigue. This is because you are stopping just before your muscles are damaged to boot to the point that they need more than 48 hours to recover.

The method that is most popular and has helped generations of people put on mass is a solid exercise routine, taking advantage of as many compound exercises as possible, with a rep scheme of 6 to 12. No, you do not have to lift heavy; you need to lift what your body can handle. Stick to the 6 to 12 rep scheme. Do not go up in weight too soon, and please, do not give a flying f*ck about what the guy next to you is doing because he is probably doing it wrong! Be patient, work hard and you will see amazing results.


Follow the 2-for-2 rule to make sure that you aren’t increasing your weight too quickly or too slowly.

  • If you can do two more reps than your regular repetition count, in your last set of a given exercise for more than two workouts in a row; it is time to increase the weight.
  • For example, if you are doing 3 sets of 8 reps and you actually can do 10 on your last set- without going to full fatigue- for two consecutive workouts, it is time to increase your weight a little.

Muscle Hypertrophy – Slow or Explosive Repetitions?

Muscle hypertrophy deals with muscular development stemming from training, primarily owing to an increase in the cross-sectional area (CSA) of the existing fibers. The progression of hypertrophy entails an increase in the net accretion (i.e., an increase in synthesis, decrease in degradation, or both) of the contractile proteins myosin and actin within the myofibril and an increase in the quantity of myofibrils within a muscle fiber. The new myofilaments are added to the border of the myofibril, leading to an increase in its width.

These alterations create the snowballing effect of enlarging the fiber and, jointly, the associated muscle or muscle group. Muscle fiber disturbance and damage during intense resistance exercise are also an incentive for muscle growth. The restoration process of remodeling the muscle fiber may involve a mass of regulatory instruments (i.e., immune, hormonal, and metabolic) cooperating with the training status of the individual and the handiness of protein. It may take at least a few weeks before muscle hypertrophy becomes obvious during resistance training. The scale of hypertrophy in the end hinges on the training stimulus or program used.

What promotes it?

Optimal muscle growth may result from maximizing the mixture of mechanical and metabolic incentives via training periodization. Mechanical factors comprise the lifting of heavy loads, presence of eccentric muscle actions, and low-to-moderate volume; metabolic factors deal with low or moderate to moderately high intensity training with high volume using short rest breaks. The mechanical factors result in ideal enlistment of muscle fibers (as muscle fibers need to be recruited prior to growth), growth factor manifestation, and possible disturbance to the sarcomeres, all of which expand muscle cross-sectional area. Lifting velocity affects the neural, hypertrophic, and metabolic responses to training.

Training to optimize muscular hypertrophy gains entails a range of velocities with a number of loading strategies. The critical constituent to muscular hypertrophy training is to prolong the length of the set.

Velocity of Execution – Slow or Fast?

Two optional strategies for prolonging set duration are employing a reasonable number of repetitions using a deliberately slow velocity and employing a high number of repetitions using modest to fast velocities. Deliberately slow velocity training with light loads (five seconds per concentric phase and five seconds or more per eccentric phase) places sustained tension on the muscles for a protracted period of time. This is more metabolically demanding than moderate and fast velocities. However, it is difficult to execute a large number of repetitions using deliberately slow velocities. When high repetition numbers are wanted, moderate to fast velocities are favored.

Both training bar brothers strategies of moderate repetitions at slow velocity and high repetitions at moderate to fast velocity increase the metabolic demands of the stimulus, thereby serving as a very effective means of increasing muscular hypertrophy.

10 exercises for women weightless

Let’s start by clarifying that the following exercises to do weightless actually are not intended specifically for women that do nothing more than them. What happens is that the following is a selection that has been developed considering the interests of most women in regard to how to work your body.
Once this caveat we can clarify what calisthenics. In short it is a method of training in which we took advantage of muscle contraction to develop resistance to the weight of the body itself.
For this reason it is often highlight the benefits of calisthenics which is a method that can be exercised at home, in the park, in the field or where you want because you actually need only the body and a dose of imagination.
In addition to the above, the amount of calisthenics is broad and diverse, among them are squats, sit-ups, chin-ups, funds, pushups, etc. In turn, if desired may include some extra weight to supplement the body in order to increase the resistance with which it works.
The results of training with calisthenics already been proven. Even today there is a groundswell of people who have given priority to this type of training with body weight rather than weight training.
To a large extent this is due to their exercises are easy to learn, but perhaps not to run. Anyway thanks to their different levels of difficulty everyone can go adapting to achieve steady progress in their routine and achieve the goals set with calisthenics.
It is these characteristics that have made fitness disciplines such as Cross Fit, P90x, the Zumba Body Combat or take advantage of the benefits of calisthenics.
10 exercises of calisthenics for women

1. Crunches

They can be regarded as a classic in most workout routines. As a basic exercise should not doubt its effectiveness, which incidentally has been proven with the results of many people before.

If you’re making the mistake of making your abs with the help of a machine, you are welcome to do that on a mat and combining them with other exercises more.
The idea then is that diversifiques types of crunches in your routine so that your belly has a “fresh air”.

2. Hindu Pushups

It is one of the most desirable to obtain excellent results in the chest, triceps and shoulders alternatives. Do not hesitate to include them in your routine as you go to work all at
You may initially seem like complicated, but they are easier to make than it looks. No excuses to avoid them.

3. Squats

Another classic and basic training in exercise routines. It is an exercise that really does not have many complications to be executed and that in most cases the body of people can make a greater number of repetitions of which is considered in the beginning are possible to perform.

The idea is that this exercise without weight as diversifiques and you take advantage of the many variants that can be applied. The type Sumo Squats are excellent.

4. Step with chair

It is to stand on a chair and use it as if it were a Step. You can do this before with a stool to practice a little. Remember that the chair should be securely fastened so they do not fall.
The results of this exercise calisthenics will focus on improving flexibility and tone your legs.

5. Mountain Climbers

It has brought the Cross Fit. Has a clear inspiration in the movements would if he were climbing a mountain.
The idea is that you bend down and lean your palms while running the site alternating legs. The first few times will not last long.

6. Striding

A basic calisthenics exercise and training routines in general. It is excellent to define and tone the hips, buttocks and legs. In turn it is to work on flexibility, elasticity and lower body coordination.
Remember, as we have insisted so far on the other weightless exercises to do, or valiéndote of your body weight, there are many variants to choose from.

7. Push

They are very effective and for that reason forget that you are one of the most thankless exercises that can be in your exercise routines. As a result your chest will enhance considerably.

8. Funds

They are not suitable for any level even if a novice is possessed. As better fitness of the body are an alternative that can not be disregarded.
With practice triceps and pectorals will benefit considerably.

9. Burpees

Another name by which they are known popularly is the jumping frog. It is an exercise that has resumed military training and has a proven effectiveness not to doubt.
One of the advantages of this resistance exercise with body weight is that it has a wide range of levels of difficulty at the beginning you do not do so complex and reaching a more advanced level you can give continuity to your progress.

10. Dominated

A basic exercise calisthenics and it can be considered as the most complex of the 10 exercises to do weightless mentioned here.
It is recommended for everyone for their effect on the shoulders, back and triceps. If you try starting with a chair and a bar. Locates the chair in front of the bar and climb. Now place your hands on the bar and begins to fall gently to the ground. Put out and re-start the operation.

Bar Brothers Entrenamiento

If you need more info to get you fit easy you can visit the official website and became a bar brother. Also you can visit the Spanish Bar Brothers community