The 300 Workout Plan and Diet – How Celebrities Get Fit Fast
November 27, 2014 Fitness Exercises

Many of you have already seen how celebrities get fit fast. A curious case which appeared in 2006 was behind the scenes of the film 300. In this video we could see how trained the actors of the film 300, including Gerard Butler and saw the radical change that suffered many.

A strength-based training where machines but no wheels, rubber bands and weights were used. This training was enough to quen in a few months most of the actors might look a muscular and ripped body. This training is not same that bar brothers, but is similar to the point that none of them used fitness equipment for toning the body. This training was called HIT (Intensity Interval Training) where different exercises alternating with a different intensity at all times. These exercises intended to move and exercise most muscles possible, for each type, often without rest.
Speaking of diet, the main actor of the film confessed that step hungry to follow one based on chicken, nuts and juices diet. Gerard Butler had to change its feeding by a more healthy and nutritious for you after a long workout, the effort would bear fruit.

Training Video Movie 300

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