Bar Brothers Requirements – For Beginners

Bar Brothers trainning requirements

As say the soldiers of US Army the best way to get more measure are the Pull Ups. Pull ups help you to develop strength and mind. For people who do not make training in your life, make 5-10 pull ups can be impossible.


From the beginning of requirements of bar brothers

Pull ups strength  your muscles. Pull ups training your biceps, triceps and back will begin to be more resistant.
If you take time without training or have never trained, do this is very complicated.Remember warm up before make training it the part most important.

  1. Start doing exercises to strengthen your back, such as with a
  2. Make other exercises to get strength in your armsbar-brothers-requirements-3
  3. When you think that you can make a pull up, find a friend to get your help.
  4. You friend help you first times to go up when you can not make a complete pull up. For beginners, it is best that the person hang up clutching hands and knees bent. The friend will help you climb as many times as necessary. The friend will stop when the candidate make four or five pull ups by
  5. Repeat, repeat and repeat every you can, 4 times per week will be almost.

There are different types of grip, each person will choose the one that seems comfortable at first. Later we will see which are the most used types of grip.This is bar brothers requirements for beginner people remember.

3 Responses to Bar Brothers Requirements – For Beginners

  1. Mr. Chen

    I weight 62KG and height 177cm.Try to do these pull-ups and push-ups to build a body. Those vidoes online of Bar Brothers convince me that a strong body is possible by doing these.

  2. Oussama

    i weight 50 KG and height 154cm can this help me plz contact me

  3. Oussama

    i weight 50 KG and height 154cm can this help me plz contact me,,,,

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