Tips for Basic Nutrition in Bodybuilding

Best tips of nutricion in bodybuilding

Neither are the needs of a runner faces a Tour de France are, for example, the teenager begins in the world of sport, whatever their sport specialty. That is why a review of the contents on the one hand is needed, and how to write them on the other, so that they are accessible and understandable at all levels.

Sports nutrition part for your understanding; is of paramount importance to understand from the beginner to the intermediate athlete who standardization, ie generalization is not conducive to getting results, but does adaptation of nutritional principles to the particular case and characteristics of each person.basic-nutrition-bodybuilding-1

The experience and work with athletes has taught me that when the beginner really knows who is doing something, internalizes, learn and draw greater benefits, besides developing the capacity for self-criticism and observation … is necessary to awaken the interest in the beginner to avoid falling in inappropriate advice, diets of a particular champion, or advertising strategies for selling supplements.

Referring to this, the learner must know that:

  • There is no magic diets, but basic nutritional principles upon which adapt to the characteristics nutrition, lifestyle, goals and abilities of each person.
  • Supplements are just what the name suggests, supplements. A beginner should be clear that making no substitution of solid nutrition or result in something more than a help in the case of an already more than studied nutrition. The use of supplements with a deficit supply only entails any loss of time and money.
  • We must also be clear before boarding planning a nutritional strategy, what are the goals of the athlete and also whether they are consistent with reality possible and / or (as a teacher of mine said, you can not carve a sculpture in the bone of an olive). Let’s make a simple introduction: banishing some of the more typical classical myths and stereotypes.

Some myths on nutrition

  1. A calorie is always a calorie, regardless of where they come from.” Although certain as definition, false in practice; if we just count calories per shot, food, day, month … and we do not attend to the source from which it comes, we will be falling into the greatest of the ancient dietary errors: failure to consider how it affects each type of nutrient chemicals, digestive processes – enzymatic and hormonal body. The same food in quantity and form, affects and behaves differently depending on what it is combined, as is cooking, time of day has been ingested, activity in the hours before … imagine only difference between taking 1000 grams of table sugar and 1000 grams of protein; both will bring about 4,000 calories each but … Act in the same way ?.
  2. To gain muscle you have to cram proteins.” Assuming that there is a fully unified in determining the amount of protein necessary criteria, most authors are at 2 g / kilo of body mass, others something else; there is no fixed criteria for determining how many grams of protein is able to assimilate the body on each digestion, being established by the majority between 30 and 50 grams of protein per shot. Based on these scales, we consider that, on the one hand, any excess protein derive a greater stress on the liver and kidney, with an increase in the concentration of uric acid, so it is vital to increase water consumption. On the other hand, focus on a protein food abuse can lead to not meet the needs of carbohydrates, which the body will be forced to obtain energy from amino acids and does not preserve the protein for use as structural material and builder.
  3. To lose fat, you have to remove all the fat from food.” Nothing is further from reality; the body needs every day a certain amount of fat to meet many needs: nerve transmission and maintenance of the correct state of neuronal synapses, repair and plasticity of cell membranes, formation of hormones and other body compounds … if we do not provide fat by diet, the body preserved at all costs having to meet your needs, and in this situation, seek ways to replenish those fatty deposits, converting and storing as fat any excess heat. If we endow the body daily adequate amount of fats, appropriate sources (essential fatty acids, poly and monounsaturated), you will not need or to store or preserve that has, thus encouraging them to be used as fuel and eliminated. One of the best choices is the olive oil, flax, wheat germ oil, fish oils and certain seeds. Will avoid animal fats and saturate as well as fried foods.
  4. I do not understand that I do not lose weight … just frown fruit and yogurt”. As noted above, each nutrient does not act the same way throughout the day; as it passes the day, metabolism is becoming slower, being particularly slow night, so that carbohydrates are particularly more susceptible to becoming fat, even more, in cases such as fruit, this composed of simple carbohydrates, or sugars) although of low glycemic index). Moreover, even being skimmed milk, have the property of inducing the body fluid retention and preservation of adipose fat, which on the one hand hinder fat loss, and secondly, favor the accumulation processes fat. Still, they doubt that dairy, especially yogurts, provide a wide range of benefits to the body and its functioning, such as calcium intake, maintenance of intestinal flora and a good source of quality protein personally except looking in extreme cases competition definition not completely eliminate the diet, maintaining its intake in the first half of the day.

Given this, we can make some approximations to what is understood as fundamental principles of sports nutrition, listing a number of basic issues around which each must learn to structure your diet in relation to their characteristics, objectives, style life and possibilities.

Finishing with nutrition tips today

First, the beginner will be clear what their priorities; statements such as “wanting to gain muscle mass without gaining fat one and before long” are meaningless statements with little practical utility. If the learner wants to increase your muscle mass, you have to remember that it will also albeit to a lesser extent, its fat percentage. Similarly, if it focuses on trying to achieve maximum muscle definition will also have to be clear that sacrifices some muscle, but also mass in this process, however little it is, if done without the use of drugs that help maintain a positive anabolic balance. To remove grease, besides the consequent cardiovascular work and the possibility of using thermogenic supplements or “fat burning” one thing is paramount: to create a negative caloric imbalance, ie the body to use more calories than ingested. By appropriate nutritional techniques, try this use calories from fat and preserve muscle those of amino acids.

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  1. Gad

    my Body Type is Ectomorph , which never store any fats , I eat all things and all amounts without gaining weight fast , so what diet do u recommend 4 me .

    • Gad

      kinda not never bad so0 hard to store fats

  2. RRR

    Gad, I understand your body type and structure I can eat anything I want as well and not gain anything. The question comes to what you wanna achieve. Also keep in mind the types of foods you are eating. This is something best left with a nutritionist or a fallow up with more details.

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