Top 4 Bodyweight exercises

As you’ll hope, you do not need to join a gym, or create one at home, all you need is your body and the weight thereof to exercise your muscles. Here i show you the top ten bodyweight exercises to keep fit.

The top four Bodyweight exercises

1) Pushups: Push-ups are the exercise king. Since time immemorial have been used and that is why today is one of the most complete exercises that exist to keep our chest and arms in shape.

2) Triceps Dip :on a bench or chair, is highly recommended for fortalezer the back of the arms, by the weight of our body these will get in shape quickly exercise.

3)Pull Bar: One of the pillars of the bodyweight exercises of bar brothers is the pull bar. This exercise will work all the muscles of the back and arms. At first a bit difficult to perform 3-4 repetitions, but gradually we can do more and achieve more easly.

4)Crunches: We can make the typical crunches in cycles of 20 repetitions. And we can make them laterally, first to the right and then left.

In the next picture of madbarz you can see a upper body routine 


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