Calisthenic routines – Part One

Today we will talk about some simple and basic calisthenic routines, they are all taken from madbarz, do not miss them. These routines are calisthenics, as many of you know, to do at home or in any public place with the necessary tools. First and in this article we will discuss calisthenic routines for beginners, so if you have not started yet this is the right place to start doing sport and achieve that physique that you miss and both want.


Beginner routine Biceps (4 cycles)

Strengthen our arms and begin to do these are exercises that must be performed in 4 cycles, ie, once we finish rest and repeat 3 times.

  • Pull Ups: The chin of life, try doing 3 something that should not be difficult for untrained people
  • Negative Chin Ups (with arms together): This time depart from the top as you can see on the photo to leave falling gradually until reaching a lower position
  • Incline chin ups: The photo says it all
  • Wide Pull Ups: We will place your hands on the bar for a more open way and climb up to three times
  • Shoulder width Chin Ups: pull uos with folded hands, this will do 4 times

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  1. Randall

    So how about part 2

    • BarBrother

      Next Wekk ;D

  2. Jay Roberts

    I’m hoping there are more workouts like this to help I’ve been waiting for this website to upgrade for a while and now the time has come 😉

  3. Andrew

    Part two never came out =(

  4. nitinmishra

    Need diet

  5. youness zaida

    hard work

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