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How to Warm up Before Workout

Is it necesary warming up before training? In the world of training, warming is something that is often questioned, really do not understand why. On the one hand, those who ignore … and on the other worse, those who think that it is unnecessary (there are, and many). Some hardly reach heat while others do … Continue reading

Steve Reeves – The first Superstart Muscle

The first superstar muscle and physical extraordinary of an era without bar workout Even before Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, there was an actor who became known to the world what today seems normal in any film, her muscles similar as bar brothers physical. His films were huge blockbusters, from the first call Hercules to the … Continue reading

Barbrothers Best Fan Pages

Today i am checking all Facebook and Instagram Pages of BarBrothers to make a list with the best: BarBrothers Official Facebook Fan Page BarBrothers Florida Instagram Official Bar Brothers You also can check the official Youtube Channel here and for more info

Bar Brothers Shop

 Are you looking the bar brothers shop to buy clothes about bar brothers? You can buy the t-shirt in all sizes In Zazzle you can buy the T-shirt withou any problems and with a great price. The t-shir has logo of bar brothers and it`s made in cotton. I hope you will be helpful, not only … Continue reading

Do you know proteins?

Does the protein is essential for muscle gain ? You know for proteins that serve ? Protein is a nutrient involved in the formation of hormones , improve your defenses , are involved in muscle contraction and serve as a source of energy ( although the bodies prefer carbohydrates or fats). How much else do … Continue reading

Top 4 Bodyweight exercises

As you’ll hope, you do not need to join a gym, or create one at home, all you need is your body and the weight thereof to exercise your muscles. Here i show you the top ten bodyweight exercises to keep fit. The top four Bodyweight exercises 1) Pushups: Push-ups are the exercise king. Since time immemorial … Continue reading