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Here we speak about the best Routines and Exercices for your Body

3 Home Exercises For Explosive Athletes

Best Exercises For Explosive Athletes Today we will talk about explosive exercises that will increase the power of your body and you can also do at home. These are few but very effective. Upload rung by rung / walk down to recover. Runs upstairs stomping all steps with both feet. Concentrate on keeping a steady … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide For Fitness Competition Preparation – Part 3

The term aerobic means with oxygen. The transport of oxygen enhances combustion of fat. The term cardiovascular refers to an activity in which the heart is the direct beneficiary of effort; cardiovascular workouts that take place in the treadmill, stationary bike, the steeper or track, improve cardiac function, but hardly influence the fat loss. In … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide For Fitness Competition Preparation – Part 2

Hi Fans of Bar Brothers! This is the part 2 of the first guide for fitness competition. Although food is the key determinant when preparing a competition, how to train can affect the results in many ways. Too often, training is conceived as a mechanism or tool to gain size, than as a tool of … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide For Fitness Competition Preparation – Part 1

As much as everyone tries to hide behind what you want, there is something that is the mother of all truths: success in a competition is determined by the diet. Of course, without doubt, that training is important, and all its importance, but not the key factor … if diet has not done its job, … Continue reading


Definition We can define the Aerobic as a type of exercise that stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory activity during a certain time in our body to produce a series of achievements. In general terms, is the ability to maintain effective effort as long as possible, not less than three minutes. The definition of Aerobics in … Continue reading

The 300 Workout Plan and Diet – How Celebrities Get Fit Fast

Many of you have already seen how celebrities get fit fast. A curious case which appeared in 2006 was behind the scenes of the film 300. In this video we could see how trained the actors of the film 300, including Gerard Butler and saw the radical change that suffered many. A strength-based training where … Continue reading

Bar Brothers Requirements – For Beginners

Bar Brothers trainning requirements As say the soldiers of US Army the best way to get more measure are the Pull Ups. Pull ups help you to develop strength and mind. For people who do not make training in your life, make 5-10 pull ups can be impossible. From the beginning of requirements of bar … Continue reading

What is the Street Workout? Bar Brothers Workout

Today we go to speak about the Bar Brothers Street Workout. As you know we can define this as the metod of the bar brothers.¬†For example, a few push-ups or squats we do on the street can call it that. All you can find in a city and help you exercise called street workout.¬†These training … Continue reading

Good fitness exercises

Here is a series of techniques of fitness exercises that would be routine and improve their results in the gym. Due to the intensity you need, we recommend that you use only a training technique.SuperseriesSon series double, in which two simple type (one for logs muscles agonists and antagonists) occur without a rest interval. The … Continue reading