Sports Supplements – Do we really need?

Supplementation for Muscle in sports

The world of sports supplementation, above all, is a world driven by economic interests. This is something that will fill me never to repeat, and something that precisely, we should all keep in mind to develop a critique against supplements and promises capacity. Many times, as if to give the impression that they have to be continually inventing something new, and of course, each supplement that appears is better than the previous, sometimes showing that those before him were a waste of time and money .. . with which one comes to ask you are kidding continuously as a product today is the best there is, and tomorrow is useless, because I clearly discovered something better.

That does not mean that there are supplements on the market that make a real help, with the limitations of course, as nutritional supplements have. However, not hurts to exhibit in a short article, the latest news appeared in the world of supplementation, as well as what to say and publish them.


It is possibly one of the most recent and innovative additions to the world of sports supplementation in the disciplines of strength. The Ecdysterone, extracted mainly from the Pfaffia paniculata plant, comparisons as diverse as its effects are similar to those of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone, one of the most powerful anabolic steroid developed), but without the side effects are heard. Studies argue that produces an increase in lean muscle mass, cleanly, thus promoting the development of slow muscle fibers (oxidative) and fast muscle fibers (explosive). One of its causes of action is based on the increase occurs in the erotropoyesis (increased production of erythropoietin, or EPO, a substance that regulates the production of hemoglobin and blood transport oxygen). He also appears as a potent regulator of blood glucose. All these effects appear we presented especially for its ability to maximize nitrogen retention, ie, create an almost perfect anabolic environment for protein synthesis.


While the first tests with this type of product appeared to be of great future, appreciated a rapid decrease of the effect of these, low dose of 50 mg daily. Subsequent studies showed that the effective dose starting from 200 mg, although nowadays are considered optimal quantities, used between 300-600 mg. These are somewhat reduced in the case of combining with other synergists Eqdysterona that enhance, such as 5-methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone. It says that you get to produce a 56% increase in work capacity, and even a 89% increase in strength potential, an increase in lean mass between 6 to 17%.

According to all published studies, apparently over 50 in all this substance greatly enhanced nitrogen retention and muscle gains without the side effects of steroid Dianabol or other substances is concluded. Too good to be true, right?


The ZMA or Zinc-Magnesium Ion is another contribution to the natural elevation of the endogenous hormone levels. It is a combination of magnesium and zinc aspartate Monomethionine aspartate, together with vitamin B6. Recent studies showed that chelated forms of these minerals were more effective.

Due to the depletion daily body levels of zinc and magnesium, there seems to be supplemented with this combination of minerals raises natural testosterone production by about 30%, according to studies presented and published in the American College of Sports Medicine. Also was seen to actual increase in the levels of IGF-1.


This also results in a better sense of well being and relaxation, especially appearing in people struggling to get enough rest. Due the importance of rest when the muscular and mental recovery, subjects claim that a much more pleasant and restful sleep occurs shots ZMA. This is especially documented with the use of B vitamins, especially with the coenzyme form of vitamin B-12.

What if it becomes apparent is that using ZMA must be extended in time, because more time is required to notice the benefits that the use of other supplements. In fact, we see that those who do not get to experience the benefits of this supplement is because stop using it too soon.

The truth is that in addition to the literature consulted, after giving a few turns to what Internet is written about it, so I more encounter is with the fact that all items try to make it explicit that the benefits of using ZMA that are more clinically and scientifically proven. It is possible that in fact this so … but the kind of things that make one wonder, “Well … what about the rest are not, or that the results give us about it invented? “. What is certain is that I remember precisely a conversation with a partner, makes this a couple of years now, which told me that he had begun using a new supplement called ZMA, and with no supplement as this was experienced better strength gains and recovery. Stayed there the thing.

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The Isoflavones

Isoflavones are a class of so-called “phytoestrogens” strikingly similar bioactive nutrients is their chemistry to estradiol, a major female hormones structure. This is one reason why, isoflavones share many of the properties of estrogen endogenous. Isoflavones have the ability to behave like estrogen mimicking the endogenous. Soybeans for example, is very rich in these types of isoflavones, why signs of high estrogen levels are identified in people with high intakes of soy.

Within this family, was patented in Hungary two fairly novel molecules: 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone (Ipriflavone) and 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone (Methoxyisoflavone). These two molecules derived by way of estradiol and pose a quite marked anabolic effect, especially when combined with protein intakes. Following this, he began to formulate protein-enriched compounds these two flavones, especially 5-Methyl-7-methoxyisoflavona, finding that greatly increased protein synthesis. Additionally, began to add to the pro anabolic formulas, both as prohormone prohormone in combination with ZMA, ecdysterone and similar substances. In addition to the role of improved protein anabolism, it seems that one of its most marked effects is in relation to the improvement made on the use and transport of oxygen and its use by the body in situations of oxidative metabolism.

Still, I believe that even lack sufficient research to provide more specific information on these types of supplements, but seems to offer good results, the mechanisms of actual performance are still a little out of certainty.

So far a small insight into some of the substances that are being introduced with force in the world of sports supplements.

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