How to Warm up Before Workout

Is it necesary warming up before training?

In the world of training, warming is something that is often questioned, really do not understand why. On the one hand, those who ignore … and on the other worse, those who think that it is unnecessary (there are, and many). Some hardly reach heat while others do warmups that can almost resemble a bar workout. Let’s see what a warm, objectives and types.

It is understood by heating, the set of physical activities or exercises, general first and then specific, that all physical activity previously performed in which the requirement of effort is higher than normal, in order to implement all organs of the athlete and dispose it for maximum performance ”


Objectives of warming

Warming has two main objectives: Prepare the athlete, physically, physiologically and psychologically for more intense later efforts and Avoid injury.

Types of Warming

General Warming: Performed through activities or exercises that acts on the whole organism and mainly on the large muscle groups, such as running (cardio-circulatory, respiratory, thermoregulatory …. and large muscle groups, as the lower body)

Specific heat: Proper of each sport specialty, activates specific work on the sports practice session or muscle groups. A good warm-up should include both types, duration of each depending on the sport being practiced. For sports like bodybuilding, after a brief general warming will warm the muscle to work with controlled movements, light weight, making blood flow to the muscle and joints, lubricating these last and preparing mentally for the heavy lifting.

Check this video as a good chance of warm up before exercise

Heating effects For those not wanting to appreciate what a good warm can bring to our fitness and performance capacity, we will list its effects:

  1. Increases heart rate prior to training and blood pressure
  2. Increases Vol. Blood circulation
  3. Increase the frequency and respiratory amplitude
  4. Increases the production of adrenaline and muscle temperature rises.
  5. Prepare all chemical production process energy for muscle contraction
  6. Viscosity decreases muscle contraction favor.
  7. Improves neuromuscular coordination and ability to recruit further training fibers seeing this, who can not even wield arguments against adequate heating, not only to bodybuilding or fitness, but in any sport specialty. One of the warming, as well as cool down should be stretching, more careful in the case of doing before training, but that is something we will discuss in the next article. Until then, health and good training.


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  1. emkil

    I weight 115 kg and height 6 feet
    Could u tell me diet chart to follow (with timing) and exercises to do to burn fat.
    Thank you

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